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Contagious ecthyma induces acute pustular lesions that progress to scabs in the skin of the lips, around the outside and inside of the mouth, face, ears, vulva, lets, scrotum, teats, and feet, usually around the coronet and in the interdigital region.

Usually, contagious ecthyma would be estimated to last between four to six weeks and restore to health spontaneously, without any form of intervention. The severe and extensive forms of contagious ecthyma are rarely and usually described papillomatous lesions of skin young goats. In this study two papillomatous lesions of skin flocks with animals 84 kits were clinically evaluated to identify and characterize contagious ecthyma lesions, helminthic diseases drugs the period October — March The results confirmed the presence of contagious ecthyma cases in both flocks in a proportion of 2.

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papillomatous lesions of skin One kid had generalized contagious ecthyma. Keywords: sore mouth, scabby mouth, goat orf infection, contagious pustular dermatitis Contagious ecthyma Gk, ek, out, thyein, to rush is a common infectious and contagious disease that can affect sheep, goat, wild ruminants steenbok, alpacas, chamois, thar, reindeer, musk ox, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, dall sheep as well as human beings and canides [8, 11].

Understanding skin lesions part 2 - secondary lesions

In the end of the 19th century, for first time, in Germany is described contagious ecthyma in small ruminants [2, 13]. In Romania, close to Bucharest, Paul Riegler identified in a similar disease in sheep and goat herds [14]. Today, contagious ecthyma has been found worldwide, especially in countries that raise sheep and goats [13].

The young animals 4 — 6 months are most affected, registering the worst forms, goats are more sensitive than sheep, and the improved goat breeds are more susceptible Boer or Boer crosses, more rarely Saanen [11, 12].

Petra Grüning Again and again, when from autumn to spring the water temperatures in the garden pond are below 18°C, some animals of the population fall ill with carp pox. This is often an annual problem, but it can also occur chronically throughout the year and is familiar to many owners of Koi carp Cyprinus carpio. Carp pox Carp pox is a benign, proliferative skin disease which is caused by the cyprinide herpesvirus 1 CyHV During the infection, hyperplastic, papillomatous skin changes develop in the Koi.

Most vulnerable year periods are seasons with extreme temperatures late summer and winterwhen the immune system of the animals can be affected by sudden changes of temperature [2, 9, 13].

After days of incubation [9], the goats with contagious ecthyma develop papillomatous lesions around the mouth and nostrils. The infection may also affect ears, inside of the mouth, lower legs and udder of nursing ewes.

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Usually, contagious ecthyma would be estimated to last between four to six weeks and recovery occurring without treatment. Nevertheless, the lesions can develop into extensive disease, with secondary bacterial infection, and sometimes fatality [6, 9, 14, 15].

NAVIGARE RAPIDA: » Pagaina principala » GHID MEDICAL » termeni medicali » diseases Blastomycosis                                                                                                                                              Blastomycosis     e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h      e49h   General: Chronic fungal disease caused by Blastomyces dermatitidis. Ocular: Hypopyon; mycotic keratitis; corneal ulcer; choroidal granuloma; nodules of iris; cicatrization of papillomatous lesions of skin ectropion; descemetocele; panophthalmitis; recurrent papillomatous lesion upper lid; granulomatous conjunctivitis.

Diagnosis is based on the herd history and the lesion characteristics, but the accurate diagnosis is based papillomatous lesions of skin immunologic tests papillomatous lesions of skin viral isolation [9]. The economical losses are due to the decreased of dairy goat production, and lower growth and mortality in young goats [4].

The first objective of the goat contagious ecthyma study was the evaluation of the new clinical cases present in period October papillomatous lesions of skin Marchin goat flocks located in different counties. The second objective was the analyses of the dominant pathological aspects associated with the contagious ecthyma in young goats.

Goats were raised in a mixed management system range pastures and shaded pens.

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All goats were not vaccinated against orf papillomatous lesions of skin. Figure 1. Kid with severe, hard and dry proliferative contagious ecthyma lesions in the skin of lips and muzzle Figure 2. In both flocks were identified 84 young goats, with age between two and16 weeks.

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The lesions described in contagious ecthyma were observed in young goats at a rate of The most common location of contagious ecthyma papillomatous lesions of skin has been around the mouth fig 1. Progressive evolution of the contagious ecthyma was previously described in several experimental infections.

Lesions on the lips appear about days after infection, initially patches with a diameter of 0. The lesions have been on the soft skin areas or crossing of mucous membranes and skin lips, commissural, on the wings of the nose.


Macules fast moving up to the state of the crust over a period of weeks vesicle, with mm diameter, passes the pimple in about 2 days [9, 11, 13]. In The ear lesions progressed through the same sequence of stages: papule, vesicle, pustule and crusted lesion. In sheep lesions were associated with ear tagging [1]. Clinical signs identified were similar papillomatous lesions of skin those described in other papers.

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The foot lesions affect the coronary band and soft tissue of interphalangeal area. The hair was sintered, wet, and papillomatous lesions of skin falls off with cutaneous layers fig.


Foot lesions can evolve independently, but often are accompanied with other skin lesions. A new epithelium is forming in two papillomatous lesions of skin. In other clinical studies, foot lesions have been described as the most common location observed due to overlapping injuries and co-infection e. The lesions inside of the mouth were observed in only one kid, classified as generalized contagious ecthyma. Lesions were located in soft gingival tissue, tongue, cheeks, hard palate, typically up to papillomatous lesions of skin pharynx, esophagus, ruminal pillars, sometimes abomasums and intestines.

The papillomatous lesions of skin were ulcerative, red-brown an d swollen.