Cervical cancer questions and answers, 5, Miles From Home

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It was here, 5, miles from home, that she found lifesaving care—not once, but twice—at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Sibley Memorial Hospital. Today, because of her determination, her good health and her caregivers, she has gained unexpected friendships and even a career that she never before considered.

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Just a few years later, Djalo cervical cancer questions and answers surprising news about her health. A screening Pap smear and subsequent biopsy showed she had a rare type of cervical cancer.

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Though the news was hard, she was thankful to learn that the best care for her condition was in a place and with a team she had already learned to trust.

One of her cancer specialists at Sibley is Akila Viswanathan, M.

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In addition to treating women with cancer, Dr. Viswanathan has also published research on the specific type of cancer Djalo had, a type that accounts for only 1 percent of patients with cervical cancer.

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They were absolutely amazing at their jobs, and they all have hearts of gold. Viswanathan says. That work affects the greater population, too.

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These relationships with the staff also inspired Djalo to help others with cancer. So, after a career in international cervical cancer questions and answers, she recently found a rewarding new position, as program coordinator at the Smith Center for Healing and Arts.

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And this is a way I can give back. Viswanathan celebrating survivorship and talking about the impact of emotional and physical healing.

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