Squamous papilloma larynx treatment, Human papillomavirus 52 positive squamous cell carcinoma of the conjunctiva

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Sign up Log in laringologie Therapeutic strategies for locally advanced laryngeal cancer. Part 1: Radical treatment Strategii terapeutice în cancerul laringian squamous papilloma larynx treatment. Corina Ptiu e-mail: corina.

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The main therapeutic goals are local control and survival, but also the functional organ preservation speech, swallowing and airway patencyif possible. To achieve these objectives, the management should be established by a multidisciplinary tumor board, based on the analysis of patient-specific factors age, performance status, comorbidities, and psychosocial supportcancer topography and staging, but also the physician expertise and the availability of rehabilitation services.

Regarding the larynx preservation, there are two major therapeutic strategies: total laryngectomy associated with adjuvant radio- and chemotherapy and larynx preservation strategy, which squamous papilloma larynx treatment neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by exclusive radiotherapy or concurrent radio-chemotherapy or radio-biotherapy.

squamous papilloma larynx treatment

Total laryngectomy can be performed by open surgery or, in order to avoid a wide surgical field and reduce squamous papilloma larynx treatment local morbidity, by transoral techniques. After laryngectomy, the recurrence can be local, at the resection site, nodal, at cervical lymph nodes, or distal, the lung being the most common site of recurrence as a distant metastasis.

To improve locoregional control and survival, adjuvant treatments are proposed, including radiotherapy, chemoand biotherapy. Există două metode de tratament al cancerului avansat de laringe: laringectomia totală asociată cu radio-chimioterapie adjuvantă şi prezervarea laringelui, care presupune chimioterapie neoadjuvantă, urmată de radioterapie exclusivă sau radio-chimioterapie concomitentă ori radio-bioterapie.

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  • In addition to tobacco and alcohol abuse, certain viruses have been associated with squamous cell carcinoma SCC of the head and neck, causing alterations in DNA.

Laringectomia totală poate fi realizată prin chirurgie deschisă abord cervical sau prin squamous papilloma larynx treatment transoral, pentru a evita complicaţiile locale ce pot să apară ca urmare a unei plăgi extinse. Recurenţa post-laringectomie poate fi locală la nivelul zonei de rezecţieganglionară la nivelul reţelei ganglionare cervicale sau distală mai ales la nivel pulmonar.

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Pentru a îmbunătăţi controlul locoregional şi supravieţuirea pe termen lung, sunt propuse tratamente adjuvante, precum radioterapie, chimioterapie sau bioterapie.