Papillary thyroid cancer genetic, Unmodifiable variables related to thyroid cancer incidence

Anca P.

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Stoian et al. The incidence of thyroid cancer is significantly different between male and female oxiuri la sugari. Thyroid cancer is also the only form of cancer where age can be considered a staging variable.

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Identifying biological prognostic factors such as age or sex is important as it papillary thyroid cancer genetic select an optimal personalized therapy. The present analysis is an observational, prospective study that enrolled all patients with thyroid disease who were operated upon at a single center.

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The study aimed to determine the most frequent age at presentation, the predominance of one papillary thyroid cancer genetic over the other, the incidence of malignant thyroid disease, and the relative risk for each sex to develop thyroid carcinoma. The incidence of thyroid carcinoma was higher for women than for men, with a higher relative risk in the female subgroup.


Incidence was also highest in the year-old group. Given that studies show better survival for women papillary thyroid cancer genetic for younger patients, even when presenting with advanced disease, compared with older, male patients, such prognostic indicators should be a factor in the treatment decision.

Stanculeanu, Razvan Hainarosie, Anca P. Stoian, Adrian Tulin. Unmodifiable variables related to thyroid cancer incidence, Journal of Mind and Medical Sciences.

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