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  3. Jimmy Lin: Un nou test simplu de sânge ce poate detecta cancerul mai devreme | TED Talk
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They won for their work on understanding the immune system. Who was he, and why might his death make him ineligible for the Nobel Prize?

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He went on to Harvard and later, starting in he affiliated with Rockefeller University in New York. In recent years, Steinman had been battling pancreatic cancer, and apparently he died on September 30th.

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Now, Rockefeller University issued a statement, saying they didn't learn about his death from Steinman's family until this morning. And the Nobel Foundation seemed totally unaware of it when they made the announcement. Now, the problem is that the Nobel rules state that in order to win, you have to be pancreatic cancer news when the announcement is made.

pancreatic cancer news

So, we're waiting to hear what they are going to do. They are really important part of the immune system because pancreatic cancer news act like sort of sentinels.

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They send messages when something is attacking the body. You find these cells in the skin, in the stomach, in pancreatic cancer news lungs; places that are in contact with the environment and usually would be the first to attacked by something. They're important because they are involved not only in fighting infections, including HIV, but because they also help the body resist cancer cells.

pancreatic cancer news

Now I understand that Dr. Steinman was actually undergoing a treatment for pancreatic cancer news pancreatic cancer that involved some of the work he did on dendritic cells. Now I know there are two other winners, and who are they?

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He was born in in Luxembourg. The innate immune system is for general threats; stuff our body doesn't recognize.

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It's called the LPS receptor. Jon, thanks for being with us this morning.

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pancreatic cancer news

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